Tennessee Elite Gymnastics

TEG is a place in which you will find more than just an extensive gymnastics training facility. Modern equipment and first-class instructors make TEG a place where you can learn OR excel at gymnastics, have fun and meet new people... A place for recreation, competition AND fitness.

With the guidance of our dedicated staff, each child will develop the necessary strength and skills to achieve his or her full potential and accomplish their own personal goals in the sport. Our staff is committed to providing a safe, fun, and challenging environment for every child to learn and to grow through the sport of gymnastics.

USAG Safety Certified Instructors/Coaches & Early Childhood Education Specialist.

Our Programs

TumbleRoos (Preschool), GymStars (Girls), PowerZone (Boys), Tumbling Academy (Tumbling), Birthday Parties and Open Gyms.

Your Child Will Develop

Strength, Flexibility, Sense of rhythm, Coordination, Posture/body tension, Static and dynamic balance, Confidence and self esteem.

First Time at TEG?

We offer free trial class.

Early Bird Discount

Pay your tuition between the 15-20 of each month and receive a 5% off.

Family Discounts

Siblings and multiple classes.

Competitive Teams

Girls Gymnastics and Tumbling.

May Newsletter

We have it all at Tennessee Elite Gymnastics. It’s really something to cheer about!

“Work hard and dream big!”

TEG Opening Phases

We remain committed to protecting our TEG families and employees by creating a specific guide that will help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Phase 1 - May 2-18:

    Competitive Team Programs.

  • Phase 2 - May 18:

    Recreational Programs.

  • Phase 3 - June 1:

    Resume All TEG Programming (Birthday parties, open gym, camps, PNO).

Employee Guidelines

  • Staff will follow illness policy including temperature check before coming to the gym and 24h wellness standard.
  • Staff will wash/sanitize hands prior to/at conclusion of and between classes.
  • Staff will have limited direct physical contact with children wearing face mask only (spotting is limited to necessity for all instructional classes).
  • Staff will be diligently trained on procedures and prepared to entrance social distancing protocols.
  • Staff will adhere to PPE requirements if set by TN Dept of Health.

Building Preparation

  • Facility team on site to disinfect and sanitize in prep for "return to work" (use of "Clorox 360" or the like).
  • Use of Oxivir Five 16, Odoban or like surface disinfectant cleaner and other recommended products effective against Covid-19.
  • All surface areas will be disinfected/sanitized multiple times daily once re-opened.
  • Hand sanitizer stands throughout building accessible.
  • Drinking fountain closed and students encouraged to bring water bottles.
  • Foam pit will be covered by washable mats and will be open for use on "Phase 3".

Entering the Building

  • Drop off/pick up if able; no more than 1 adult per child in building.
  • Students will be required to sanitize/wash hands before entering gym.
  • Parents and students will need to monitor temperature; parents/students who appear ill or who have temp over 99.5 will require to stay home.

Traffic Flow and Physical Distancing

  • Athletes and parents will use separate entrance designated for each class (information will be emailed and each door will have a sign).
  • Parents will be directed by program where to sit and view class to control distancing and flow.
  • Viewing area upstairs and stair case will remain closed.
  • 250 sq.ft./athlete in the gym for teams. 4 kids/class in the preschool program. 6 students/class in the boys, girls and tumbling programs.

During Class

  • Athletes will sanitize hands after every rotation.
  • Lesson plans will be modified to omit partner activities.
  • Stations and activities will be modified to allow safe (6 ft.) distance between children.
  • Each team athlete will keep chalk in their personal plastic container.

After Class

  • Employees will begin disinfecting/sanitizing all areas immediately to get ready for the next group.
  • All classes will last 45 minutes to allow time for disinfecting/sanitizing between groups.

Class Drop Notice

Please give us a drop notice of 2 weeks if you plan to un-enroll from class.